Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Clean Slate; Starting Over Again

All previous entries are hidden and layout has been updated. I've given myself a clean slate, a fresh start. Why? Because I'm currently working on a different novel. Valerie and Barrett will have their story told someday, but for now, their story is on hold.

Primitive Instincts (working title)
  Young Adult / Paranormal Romance / Mystery

A psychic highschooler aids her father in catching a primitive serial killer in the lakeside town of Kingswood and fails to predict that she would fall in love with her prime suspect.


My current work in progress. I'd say the first draft is about 70% complete. I'm at the point in the story where the shit hits the fan and the plot starts spiraling towards the end. All is good so far. I'm happy with what I have, but we'll see how I feel in a few thousand words.

I'll keep in touch.

42141 / 60000 words. 70% done!